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You are Rajesh of Jalukbari, Kamrup (M). Write a letter to the superintendent, A.S.T.C., Kamrup requesting him to introduce a special bus in the morning for the school going children.


Write a letter to the superintendent,requesting him to introduce a special bus.





21st February, 2020 


The Superintendent





Sub: Introduction for a special bus in the morning for school going children.





        May I have the honour to draw your kind and valuable attention towards the daily bus problem of school going children in Jalukbari? You are well aware that this is a thickly populated town and the prestigious schools are situated at far off places. The school hours start in the morning but the bus generally operates after 10 a.m., when it is the time for the school going children to be present in their schools. 

        The parents cannot take them to the school daily as it is not feasible in any way. It is a poor area inhabited by middle class families. To send their children either in the autos or rickshaws coasts them very much. People even do not have extra time to take them to their schools.



        The school going children are therefore in great difficulty. On one side they a heavy loaded bag of books and on the other hand they are in a hurry for schools. They often get late. Keeping in view these difficulties, special buses may be applied on specific routes early in the morning at the time of starting the schools.



I hope that the A.S.T.C. authorities will rise to the occasion and remove our genuine problem.



Thank you.


Yours faithfully



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