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Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Kamrup, requesting him to install traffic light at the crossing near your College. 

(You are Akash Pratim, a student of TDC 1st semester, Guwahati Commerce College, Guwahati).



Guwahati Commerce College

10th August 2020


The Superintendent of Police (Traffic)

Kamrup, Assam


Sub: Installation of Traffic Light at Crossing.





        I beg to draw your kind attention to the urgent need of installing traffic lights at the crossing near our college. When the college is over, groups of young boys and girls come out of the college building and make their way towards the crossing to get back their home in the absence of traffic lights at the crossing they watch helplessly the endless stream of speeding vehicles. They have to wait for hours. When they do venture to cross the road, it is at the peril of their own life. They have to pass this ordeal twice a day almost daily.



        I, therefore, request you to kindly arrange to install traffic lights at the crossing before some young students loses his precious life in an accident.


        I am hoping for favour of your immediate action.





Yours faithfully


Akash Pratim


TDC 1st semester

Guwahati Commerce College


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