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Write a letter to the Manager of a business firm or a factory seeking employment in a vacant post.




          The manager

          A.C.D.Co. Mumbai.

          N.C. Road, Mumbai-16

          Dated Guwahati the 15th May, 2020



   In response to your advertisement in the Employment News of 12-06-2020, I beg to apply for a post of a field officer. As for my eligibility for the post:

          I am a healthy young man with flair for working outdoors. I have passed the HSLC Examination last year securing first division. My parents are teachers. While my father works in a high school, my mother teaches in a primary school. I am aged 20 years and a permanent resident of Assam. I may have no experience, but I have been quite familiar with and popular among the local people. So I hope to do good business for the Company.

I shall be pleased to furnish any other information pertaining to me if and when asked for.

I shall be grateful if you will offer me the post.

 Yours faithfully    

Arabinda Sharma.


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