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Write a letter to the editor of a Newspaper appealing for help for the flood victims.








The Editor,

The Assam Tribune, Guwahati-3




Through your esteemed Daily I beg to issue the following appeal seeking help from the generous public and organizations and institutions.


The people of Assam and the rest of India know that the entire Kamrup district has been ravaged by a devastating flood. The condition of the villagers around Puthimari is beyond description. Most of them had lost their homes. 

They are badly in need of help. They are badly in need of help. It will take many months of hard-work to bring life to normalcy in Kamrup district.



          The generous people are hereby requested to donate liberally, both in cash and kinds, for helping the flood victims. 

The donations may be sent to “Flood Victim Welfare Centre”, Puthimari, P.O.-Puthimari, Dist- Kamrup (R) Assam.



Yours Faithfully

Raju Mahanta.

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