Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper stating the inconvenience suffered by people on account of the poor bus service in your locality, letter about bad condition of buses ,write a letter to the manager of your local bus service,write a formal letter to the editor of the newspaper to complain,write a report on the poor bus service on local routes in your area



Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper stating the inconvenience suffered by people on account of the inadequate and irregular bus service in your locality.




The Editor,

The Assam Tribune, Guwahati-3

Dated: 12/05/2019




    Through your esteemed Daily I would like to draw the attention of the authority concerned about the burning problem that the commuters have been facing while travelling from Rangia to Guwahati. At present only two ASTC city buses ply between Rangia and Guwahati which are too inadequate to transport hundreds of commuters. People are seen travelling on top and footboard of the buses disregarding the danger and risk.


Repeated recantations to the government and the city bus associations have gone to deaf ears. Though this letter I would once again draw the authorities concerned to press into service at least five buses in this route to help the large number of travelling public.



Yours faithfully


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