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Write a letter to the Editor of a local Daily highlighting the need of drinking water supply in your locality.




The Editor,

The Sentinel, Guwahati-5

Dated: 22.09.2018



Dear Sir,

          Through the column of your esteemed Daily I, on behalf of the people of Boko Township beg to draw the attention of the Public Health Department, Government of Assam to the need of a drinking water supply scheme in our locality. 

Boko is a growing Township on the South Bank of the Brahmaputra some 60 k.m. west of Guwahati. It is a growing Township with a present population of about 40,000. 

There is no water supply scheme here. Each household gather water either from private wells or from the streams and ponds. 

Such water collected from the streams and ponds is impure and naturally water-borne diseases are quite common among the people. 

During the dry days of late spring and early summer water becomes scarce and people are seen carrying water on cart loads from distant places. 

It is a pitiable sight in a welfare state like ours. To do away with such trouble we request the P.H.E. department, Assam to install all co-operations to make the scheme a success. 

In this connection we have complained to the local authorities but in vain. 

I, therefore, request the higher authorities to look into this matter and take necessary action immediately.


Yours faithfully

Nayan Das

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