Write an application to your principal requesting him for the improvement of your school library, Letter to the Principal for non-availability of books in library and lack of cooperation from staff, write a letter to your principal suggesting some improvement in the school library, write a letter to the principal of your college for improvement of the college library.

Write a letter to the Principal of your institution, asking for improvement in the working of your library, giving instances of disorderliness there, non-availability of books and lack of cooperation from staff.


Write an application to your principal requesting him for the improvement of your school library.



The Principal

(College Name)

15th July, 2020


Sub: Improvement in the Working of the College Library.



     I take the liberty to draw your kind attention to the need for improvement in the working of our school library.


Our college library is really in a bad shape. There is no proper arrangement of light. Half of the fans are out of order. Our college has over a thousand students, but there is seating arrangement only for fifty students in the library. Also no proper attention is given to keep the library neat and clean.


Non-availability of books is another factor that causes inconvenience to the students. Most of the books exist in the catalogue only, but they are always found missing from the shelves. Perhaps they are lying with the members of the staff for months together. The library staffs are also non-cooperative. 

They never bother to assist the students in tracing the books they need. They do not take the trouble to see whether the book required by the student is available in the library or not. Their simple answer is: The book is issued.


I hope you will take personal interest in the matter and do the needful to improve the situation.


With kind regards,



Yours faithfully

Anjan Barman

Class Representative XI


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