Letter to Principal for arranging extra classes for Maths, Request your Principal in writing to arrange extra coaching classes in Maths for the students of class XI and XII classes,  write an application to your principal requesting her to arrange extra classes for english,application for extra class by parents, letter to your principal asking him to arrange for special coaching in science

You are the President of Student’s Union of your school. Request yours Principal in writing to arrange extra coaching classes in Maths for the students of XI and XII classes. Give valid reasons and write the application accordingly.


Letter to Principal for arranging extra classes for Maths



The Principal

(Yours School Name)

(School address)

15th June, 2020



Sub: Extra Classes for Mathematics




        Most respectfully I beg to state that, you are well aware about the poor pass percentage of students in Maths at the Secondary and senior school level during our Pre-Board Examination. 

The reason is quite obvious because after the retirement of our maths lecturer in August, no suitable lecturer was appointed to teach mathematics. Only in this last week of January, we have been able to get the best services of Mr. B.N. Saikia, an expert lecturer in maths. But there remains more to be taught and the course cannot be covered during the regular periods at the school. 

We have ample time to make up our deficiency. In order to enhance the result as well as the pass percentage, it is essential to arrange extra classes for the board students after the school hours. The students have been desired to makes some reasonable payments to the earnest lecture.



Yours obediently


President, Student’s Union

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