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You are Rahul Singh/Sunita Paul studying in class XI. 

Write an application to the Principal of your college to start two more vocational courses in the college in the best interest of student.



The Principal

D.K. College, Guwahati

21st January, 2020


Sub: Vocational Courses Required in the College.



    With due respect I beg to state that our college imparts vocational courses to cater to the needs of the students of the district who are much interested in this field and want to make livelihood out of it. It is a good idea and it helps the students not to become a burden on the society. They become capable enough to know the dignity of labour and earn something as their livelihood.


Since the courses are insufficient to meet the requirements of the students community. Some more courses are needed to be introduced in the institution. At present there is a great demand of Information Technologists and Media workers.


It is therefore, requested that both these courses may kindly be started from the ensuing session so as to meet the hectic demand of both the students and the time. Our students and parents have shown willingness to contribute reasonably. You are requested to contact with the higher authority and to make necessary arrangements to meet the demands of the students.


Thanking you.



Yours obediently

Rahul Singh/Sunita Paul


Have A Great opportunity ahead !

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