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Write a letter to the municipal commissioner about the sanitary condition of your locality . 


Nalbari College Road,

P.O. Nalbari

6th January, 2020



The Chairman,                                            

Nalbari Municipality,                                   





          We would like to draw your kind attention to the present insanitary condition of our locality. This locality having about 50 houses does not have any regular system of scavenging and cleaning by the municipality staff. There are no dustbins worth the name, and as a result heaps of garbage and rubbish are thrown on road-sides and are scattered throughout the area. The drains are not cleaned for days together. The scavenger hardly appears and the rotten garbage goes on accumulating. The nauseating stench all around makes our life miserable and tells upon the health of the residents. In fact, there have recently been a few instances of sickness and the accumulating filth certainly has a big part to play in it.


          We feel that a little action from your and will go a long way in removing the unhygienic condition. What is needed is a few dustbins and regular arrangement for scavenging and cleaning the drains.


          We hope you will kindly look into the matter and take an immediate measure and save us from the ordeal we are put to.



     Yours faithfully


  Ramanujan Pathak

  Ramesh Sarma and

  40 other Residents of



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