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Where there is a will, there is a way.


Everybody desires success, but few attain it. One of the reasons is that most people are lacking in strength of will. 

A weak-minded person is frightened away by the initial difficulties and gives up the attempt in despair. 

We must also keep in mind that for those things which are difficult to achieve, we have to work very hard and continuously.

If, however, a man faces the difficulties bravely, they will prove to be really not as serious as they seemed to be, and he will be able to overcome them and succeed in the end. 

Firm determination will also open out before us unthought-of ways of reaching the goal. So if one way should fail, we may take to another and continue it till the object is fulfilled. 

We should take failures positively because it makes us stronger and teaches us that we are doing something in the wrong direction.

The well-known story of the Crow and the Pitcher is a good illustration in point. 

In fact, nothing is impossible to man, and the main thing necessary for success in life is firm determination and strength of will.

Long Essay:-

Where there is will there is a way :

We have all heard and probably used countless times the phrase “where there is a will, there is a way”, which for example characterizes the injured athlete who not only competes and finishes, but who actually wins the race or the loving parents who risks his own life to pull the child from the clutches of death or the ambitious young adult who stops at nothing to get into a particular school, to secure a particular job, to achieve certain goals in life.


Different people have different objectives in life. It may range from a career in administration, a career in medicine, law, management etc. to entrepreneurship. But very few of them succeed in achieving them. The secret behind their success is strong and indomitable will which has tremendous power to keep them focused.

We have learnt about the fruitful effects of determination in our schools at childhood through the story of “A Thirsty Crow” where a crow determined to quench its thirst finds a way by putting pebbles in the pot and drinks water.


Many great men won success by sheer determination and oneness of purpose. Mahatma Gandhi had a strong and ethically convinced will to make India free, despite all the odds and apparent failures which sometimes made his idea of liberating India from the yoke of British imperialism almost impossibility, he at last succeeded in his noble endeavor. 

In the same way, Martin Luther King Jr. brought about radical changes in the USA and Nelson Mandela fought against the racial discrimination in South Africa.

Even the handicapped could achieve success by their strong willpower and determination. Helen Keller was both blind and deaf, but she became an educator of the blind. 

Louis Braille introduced Braille script for them. Thus a person of strong willpower can overcome physical disabilities in pursuit of his goal.

Success is not restricted to a few; it can be achieved by anyone who dares to go for it. One should always have a positive approach towards life. There are many who experience despair, failure and defeat. 

Defeat the defeat, frustrate the frustration and kill the despair. Man’s strong desires and willpower have led to the discovery of unknown lands. He has been able to go to the depth of oceans. 

It is the spirits which has enabled man to climb peaks like Mount Everest. He explored space and landed on the moon. “Impossible is a word that is found in the dictionary of cowards”- is what Napoleon the Great is said to have declared. It is good to remember this when we feel like giving up. 

Similarly, there have been major milestones in the field of medicine and technology. Will has the power to turn scars into stars, scares into stairs, and impossible into possible. 

Have A Great opportunity ahead !

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