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Prevention is better than cure.


Prevention means precautionary measure, and cure means recovery from illness. We take medicine to cure our diseases. Doctor advice medicine when one falls ill. But medicine cures diseases temporarily. 

Once we give vent to medicine, we cannot escape from its grip. It is better to avoid taking medicine; it is only possible when rules of health are strictly followed. In a sound health there is no disease. 

No medicine is needed for a sound body. Once we catch a disease it will recur. It is therefore wise to prevent disease. Disease can be prevented only maintaining the rule of health. 

A sound mind is a sound body is the source of happiness. Care should be taken to prevent illness from attacking our body.

The proverb has a great bearing on our life too. We should guard us against bad habit. If we suffer because of our bad habit, there is no remedy. 

Man should be cautions against some untoward happenings. If any untoward incident happens due to our carelessness we are sure to suffer from its effects. 

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