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No pain no gain. Or No risk, no gain.


Everybody desires success in life. But few attain it. One of the principal reasons for this failure is that many people dare not take risks. 

Life is not a bed of roses. Life is a battlefield. They have to be overcome if we are to succeed in life.


There are prosperities as well as adversities in life.  Man has to face so many dangers and difficult in life. He has to strive much to overcome these difficulties. Without plugging a field, no harvest can be expected. 

Students cannot succeed in life without hard labor. Only pain and hard labor bring success. We should think of the daring discoveries and explorers of lands and the suffering they had to bear before success came to them. 

Without adequate effort we cannot get any result. The farmer must plough the land, then make the land moist and then plant the seeds, pluck out the weeds, protect the crops from insects and finally he arrives at a good harvest.

A man who is idle and whiles away time suffers a lot. He cannot fulfill his hopes and aspiration. Without real suffering nothing great can be achieved. 

We should remember that we cannot gain anything without undergoing pain.

But we must not be rash or hasty. We should think well about the possibilities before we venture upon a thing. A hasty action is like taking a leap in the dark that generally ends in disaster.

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