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Necessity is the mother of invention.


Necessity means the feeling of want. Invention means creation of discovery of a thing. When we feel the want anything, we find way out to fulfill it. 

The feeling of want is the root of all discoveries and inventions. Primitive men felt the want of fire, cloth, food and shelter. 

They thought and worked to fulfill these wants. As a result they learnt to make fire, to weave cloth, to till land to construct house. 

They made weapons for protection from wild beasts. Agriculture was discovered by primitive men in the same process. In this way man makes new discoveries generation after generation. 

As civilization progresses, human want multiplies, new and new things are invented. 

In this way came the machineries, came the weapons, and came the motor cars, railways and so on. Man discovered new lands new theories. A mother gives birth to children. 

Our wants gives birth to invention and discoveries. Hence the necessity or want is the mother of various inventions.

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