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Proverb Expansion



Morning shows the days.


If we go through the lives of all the great men, we are almost sure to find out one thing in common in them. 

Most of them in their childhood shows glimpses of their potentialities which unfurled later in their lives.


The weather of a day is judged in the morning. If the sun rises the day will be bright. If the morning is cloudy it may rain. 

Childhood shows how a man will do in feature. Feature of a man can be predicted how he behaves in his childhood. 

The conduct and character in childhood show the future prospect of a man. Childhood is the formative period of a man’s life. His future depends on how he is trained in childhood. Good conduct and behavior are to be cultivated in childhood. 

These will develop when a child attains maturity. A man goes astray in his maturity if he cultivates wrong habits in his childhood. 

If childhood is shaped in a decent way, manhood will be period will be period of joy and splendor.

We may say that there is a truth in the proverb, “Morning shows the day”. But as a child neither Mahatma Gandhi, nor Einstein showed much promise. 

Einstein was unpopular with his teachers, and Gandhi was like any other boy in many ways. Who could have predicted that they would turn out to be what they turned out?  

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