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Man is the architect of his own fate.


Many think that the course of a man’s life on earth is decided by fate. But this is a wrong idea. 

A man’s future depends on his own self. If he wastes his time in idleness, or depends too much on others or loses heart in the face of difficulties, he will fail in life. 

If on the other hand, he makes proper use of his time and opportunities, and follows his aim in life with patience and perseverance, success is sure to come to him. 

Even ordinary abilities will bring him success if he makes good use of them. In fact, history abounds in examples of men rising to greatness from a humble beginning merely by their own exertions.

Man cannot improve his condition in life or get fame and fortune, unless he wills it and acts in accordance with his wish. 

So it is we that make or mar ourselves, and not fate.

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