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Proverb Expansion

Honesty is the best policy.


(Expansion of Thought of Idea)

Amplification is the expansion of the main idea of a given passage. Sometimes a single sentence, a proverb or a maxim is set for amplification. It may be packed with meaning. The meaning is to be brought out fully and, if necessary, illustrated with appropriate examples. Some lines from a poem may be given for amplification. Here also the essential ideas are to be picked out and expanded with suitable illustrations.


How to proceed-

Carefully read the original passage until you clearly understanding its real meaning.

Then expand the passage into a paragraph not exceeding fifteen lines.

The expansion must read as a connected piece, not a collection of unconnected, disjointed sentences.

You may refer to well known stories but should not go into details thereof.

English Proverbs- Honesty is the best policy.


Honesty is the best policy.


Honesty is a virtue Honesty means true conduct in words, thought and action. It is very essential in human life. Honesty helps people to proper while dishonesty mars them. 

When you’re consistently honest, it puts more weight to your words when you speak. People can know you mean it when you say their ideas or creative endeavors are good.

Many people are there who adopt unfair means to achieve their goal. They may achieve their goal only for a short period of time. 

But in the long run their dishonesty will come to light. One exposed, a dishonest man is rejected by everybody. People very occasionally suffer for their dishonesty.

When you choose to be honest, you display a level of character that makes more people want to gravitate towards you. It makes more people want to support you in achieving your goals or dreams in life.

An honest man is respected by all. Everybody believes an honest man. Such man may not reach his goal instantly. But he is sure to achieve greatness. 

Being honest isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be a true test of our character to say something we know someone may not like. We see that an honest public-servant is always rewarded and a dishonest public-servant punished. 

We have come across many examples how honesty is rewarded. Hence we should be true to our words, deeds and behavior.  

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