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Proverb Expansion



(Expansion of Thought of Idea)

Amplification is the expansion of the main idea of a given passage. Sometimes a single sentence, a proverb or a maxim is set for amplification. It may be packed with meaning. The meaning is to be brought out fully and, if necessary, illustrated with appropriate examples. Some lines from a poem may be given for amplification. Here also the essential ideas are to be picked out and expanded with suitable illustrations.


How to proceed-

Carefully read the original passage until you clearly understanding its real meaning.

Then expand the passage into a paragraph not exceeding fifteen lines.

The expansion must read as a connected piece, not a collection of unconnected, disjointed sentences.

You may refer to well known stories but should not go into details thereof.



Life is full of troubles and difficulties. We have to face and overcome them if we would succeed in life. We may fail once or twice or even repeatedly. But that should not damp our spirits and make us give up altogether in despair. 

We should instead try again and again with firm determination and patient perseverance. Success is then to come to us in the end.

There are failure and success in human life. If succeed today, we may fail tomorrow. Life is not bed of roses. There are thorns. It is full of troubles. There are hazards. It is natural that we may fail once or twice. 

We should try again and again. A student may not pass an examination once. It does not mean that he will never pass the examination. If he tries again and again, he will surely succeed. Only he needs patience, courage and perseverance. All great works are not the results of one attempt. 

Lives of great man show that they never broke down though failed. Failing again and again bring back their courage. Hence failure or defeat has a good side too. 

A man who fails once and once again gathers knowledge and experience. These knowledge and experience help him to take a second attempt.

A child can seldom learn to walk, without making sustained and sincere efforts in the process distrait tumbling and falling down a number of times. His failure never deters him from standing again. 

The doggedness in the child’s resolve lies in making any number of attempts to stand up and walk whatever be the pain or fear of fall.

A house has its pillars. Likewise failures are the pillars of victory. No failure, no victory. Only failure teaches man to be hardworking and persevering. Success is therefore ingrained in our failures.

Failures are not really as bad as they are thought to be. They make us wiser and give us experience. We know from them the reasons of our failure. 

This makes us chance of success brighter in the next attempt. Failure also develops our latent powers and strengthens the mind.

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