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Proverb Expansion

Example is better than precept.


Example is better than percept.

Example means an instance while precept means order or selected saying. The proverb therefore means that order or select saying is not better than concrete example. We find many people who are in the habit of issuing orders. 

They instruct other to be honest while they themselves remain dishonest. For, it is too easy to attain these. A man who habitually speaks untruth has no right to advise others to tell the truth. 

If we want our children not to fight then we must control our tempers. If we want our children not to condemn then we mustn’t criticise. 

If we want our children to be well-mannered then we must be polite. If we want our children to be honest and fair then we must be true and just.

He should first speak the truth, then advice other to do it. Mere preaching has no effect on others. A student learns from their teachers, children learn from their parents. 

It is therefore the duty of the teacher or the parents to show example in their own lives. An example is more effective than lots of advice.

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