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Computers in the service of mankind 
 Essay on computer 


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Essay on Computer


Computer have brought about major changes in all spheres of life, and especially so in business and management. Today, it is extremely difficult to imagine a world without computer. Computer is a machine that receives input, stores and manipulates data and provides the output in a useful format. Modern computer based on integrated circuits are much more capable than the early machines and occupy only a fraction of the space as compared to their predecessors. Computer is the latest miracle that has ushered in a revolution in the application of science for the benefit of mankind. It is like a super electronic brain doing all types of difficult calculations, keeping records and storing data for us. Its main feature is speed and accuracy. It is an appliance which can do a job in seconds that would normally take days for hundreds of people to accomplish. It can store in its ‘memory’ data records and millions of bits of information which can be retrieve as and when required at the press of buttons. The computer system is not a simple machine. It is like a very modern and highly complex calculator. It can do all the functions at a speedy rate and also helps us to search and progress in our homes and businesses.


History/ Evolution of Computer:-

The computer was born not for entertainment or email but out of a need to solve a serious number-crunching crisis. The first mechanical adding machine was invented by Blaise Pascal in 1642. Later, in 1671, Baron Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz of Germany invented the first calculator. Around this time, Herman Hollerith came up with the concept of punched cards, which were extensively used as an input medium in mechanical adding machines.  

Charles Babbage, a 19th century professor at Cambridge University, is considered to be the father of modern digital computer. During this period, mathematical and statistical tables were prepared by a group of clerks. However, even utmost care and precautions could not eliminate human errors.

In 1842, Babbage came up with the new idea of the Analytical Engine, which was intended to be completely automatic. This machine was capable of performing basic arithmetic functions. The limitation of these machines was that they were difficult to manufacture because the engineering precision required to manufacture them was not available at that time.


Various Types of Computers:-

The various types of computers are personal computers, workstation, laptops, tablet PC, etc. all the digital computers of today, read and accept data and instructions to perform data processing and then generate the output.


Uses of Computer in Various Fields:-

The modern world is undoubtedly a world of computers. Age old system of keeping records in voluminous registers and files is gradually making way for computer-based data processing. It is used in schools, colleges, offices, banks, airlines, shops, laboratories, hospitals and libraries. It is called upon to prepare electric bills, record telephonic conversations, send reminders to others. Computer-based telecommunication network sets up instant links with any part of the world at any time. Robots have replaced manual labour in factories. Also, they are used in many fields like agriculture, designing, machinery making, defense and many more. Above all, they have revolutionized the whole world.


Medical field:-

In the field of medical diagnosis and printing technology computerised machines are doing wonders. The space flights would not have been possible without the application of computer science. In medical sciences, CAT scans help doctors view internal organs to check if they are healthy and functioning properly.



For any country, his defense is most important for the safety and security of its people. Also, computer in this field helps the country’s security agencies to detect a threat which can be harmful in the future. Above all the defense system computers are used to keep surveillance on our enemy.



With the help of computer Scientists have succeeded in sending up artificial satellites and have already landed on the Moon and expect to reach Mars within a short time. Science has given us improved methods of transport and communication. Now we are able to keep a check on the environment, space, and society. Space research helped us to explore the galaxies. While scientific research has helped us to locate resources and various other useful resources from the earth.



Computers can also change the way of agricultural tasks and businesses are carried out all over the world. In the field of agriculture, computers are being used to find out the best possible kinds of soil, plants and to check which match of these would result in the perfect crops. Use of computers thus in this sector along with the use of better agricultural practices and products in several countries, like India, could help the agricultural industry reach soaring heights, directly assuring the welfare of the economy.



Today, businesses rely heavily on computer technology to assist them in almost every aspect of their work. Computers have invaded grocery stores, fast food restaurants, big businesses and small offices. They process data, store information, work out complex mathematical problems, track inventory and even control temperature and lighting in office buildings.  



In the west, computers dominate every sphere of man’s life. India also is gradually moving towards a computer culture. Its presence has already been felt in railways, airlines, industries, commercial establishment, banks and telecommunications. Typewriters are gradually making room for computerised word processors. With a great thrust on computer education, best brains of engineering colleges and universities are now opting for computer science. Moves are also afoot to introduced computer education at school and college levels.


Even though computers yield greater productivity, they have the potential to replace human labour and cause unemployment. India, with her unemployment problems, can ill afford to have such a situation. While we should go ahead and reap the positive benefits of large scale computerization, we should also keep in mind the fact that under no circumstances should it be allowed to deteriorate the unemployment situation.


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