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Proverb Expansion


As you sow, so you reap.


This proverb means that result of any work depends on the way it’s done. 

A cultivator sows seed in his field. If he sows the seed in good time or applies good manure, he will reap a good harvest. 

One who sows seed after proper time, one cannot expect good crop. The seed will germinate in the way it is sowed. Our works tell their results. 

If we do a work in the proper way, we may expect good result. Childhood is the golden period of a man’s life. From childhood one should cultivate good habit. If he cultivates good habit, he may shine in life. 

Lives of great men show us many examples. The childhood is particularly the seed time. The lessons learnt in childhood have great bearings throughout the life. 

Sowing of good seed in childhood will bring about good harvest in future. This simply means that good things happen to those who do good work and bad things happen to people who indulge in doing bad things always in their lives. 

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