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All that glitters is not gold


Gold is a precious metal. It is bright and yellow. It has great value. But there are other things also that glitters like gold. In our market we see much artificial jewelers that look like gold. 

But these are not real gold though they glitter. Hence things cannot be jugged from its outward appearance.

The proverb teaches us that we should not judge things by their outwards appearances.

Beautiful appearance of things very often deceives people. People pay high price to some articles that look like gold. In human society a man should not be judged from his outward look. 

He may dress well, look well and speak well. But in reality he may be a cheat. We should not give importance to a person from his outward show. 

Quality of a thing or a man should be carefully judged. Physical appearance in not sufficient to judge a man’s worth.


A dress may look very showy and costly, but in reality it may be a worthless thing. A food sweet to the taste may be injurious to health. 

So we should be careful against being misled by external appearances.

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