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 Rohit Jain


 20 June, 2020

My dear Hitesh,


               I have not heard from you for a pretty long time. Perhaps this is due to your want of time on account of the ensuing H.S. Examination. I am sure your result in this examination will be in keeping with your school record.

            For myself, I am not quite satisfied with my preparation. Some time back, I had an attack of influenza which has left me very weak. The result is, I cannot devote as much as required to my books. This is what is causing me anxiety. Of English particularly I am a bit nervous. Almost the same is the case in Assamese and Mathematics. As to other subjects, I am not so much in doubt.

            I am still very weak. Precautions, however, are being taken against a set back. Pray to God that I may pass through the ordeal in safety.


With Love,

                                                                                                            Yours ever,


Another Format

Write a letter in about 150 words to your father informing him how your expect to do in your Annual Examination.

Amit Mahanta


12 May,2020

My Dear Father,

       I am very glad to receive your affectionate letter on Monday last. You want to know how I expect to do in my Annual Examination.

            As regards your question, I don't know what to say. This much I can say that I have tried my best to do well in the examination securing at least 80% marks in every paper. You know that I am to some extent weak in Mathematics. So, I have some improvement in Mathematics, I am sure to secure first division marks in all subjects. 

      This much I can say you now. I shall write to you as soon as the examination is over.

       I am quite well. Please tender my respects to mother and my sisters. 

Your loving son.



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