To the Principal of your college requesting him to install a canteen

The Principal,
Puthimari College,
P.O. Puthimari

Subject : Application for setting up a Canteen in the College campus.


          We, the students of this college, bring to your kind notice a long felt need of a canteen of our own. This college has now one thousand students on its roll and being one of the best in the district, attracts many students from distant places. Those arriving by bus or by train leave their residences early and feel hungry before long. There are a couple of tea-stalls nearby, selling tasteless tea and filthy snacks. These stalls are the haunts of antisocial. We cannot allow our girl students to go there to have a  quick refreshment. Often, the students have to go a long distance for good food. This causes much strain and waste of time.

          You have been always sympathetic towards us. You will, perhaps, agree that setting up of a canteen will go a long way to meet our needs. We feel you will be kind enough to consider our proposal sympathetically.

Thank you,

Puthimari                                                                                    We remain,
2nd august, 2011                                                                       Yours obediently,
                                                                                                    Rajesh Das
                                                                                                Students Union

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