Expressing your sympathy for the famine-stricken population in a foreign country

The Editor
The Indian Express
Mumbai -400 021


          I was deeply touched by the news report “Shadow of death over Ethiopia”.

          While it is of some consolation to learn that Red Cross is doing its best to help the famine-stricken populace by providing succor, it is shocking to note that the death rate in the affected areas is around 100 to 120 per day. To die for want of food at this time and age when the world has advanced tremendously in science and technology, is a matter of shame for all mankind.

          Of what good is this so called progress, when we cannot provide the basic necessities of life to all? Nature has provided us with the necessary resources; we have only to apply our intelligence to explore these to the fullest advantages of mankind.

          It is a pity that today the developed nations are vying with one another in stock-piling dangerous nuclear weapons for the destruction of mankind. If only they would make a concerted efforts for peace and development and turn to the needy countries with helping hands!

1st June, 2010                                                                 Yours  faithfully,
                                                                                        Pulakit Singh      

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