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Unity is Strength

We all know the story of the farmer and his quarrelling sons. These sons could easily break a single piece of stick, but when several sticks were made into a bundle, none of them could break it. The sons learnt the lesson that ‘Union is strength’, and gave up their quarrels. Peace and happiness returned to the family, bringing it prosperity and respect of all the neighbours.

In fact, it is the principle of ‘union is strength’ that is the basis of society and nationhood. Men at first lived in their own separate families. And the peace and happiness and strength of each family depended on unity among the members. This required the members to stand by one another, even though this might require the sacrifice of some of their personal interests. But as the interests of these separate families often clashed, there were constant fights among them. So several families formed themselves into a small group or tribe for their common good. But this was not enough. These groups or tribes were often at war with one another, or they were too small to protect themselves separately against more powerful groups or tribes. So several groups or tribes united themselves into a nation for greater security. 

Unfortunately we do not always apply this lesson to our personal lives. We often quarrel with our relatives, which enables our enemies to ruin us all easily. As a nation to Indians have always suffered for want of unity among them. There was no dearth of great heroes at any time in this country; but they either quarrelled among themselves or remained aloof in one another’s difficulty. This is why the country could be easily conquered by one invader after another. 

It seems we have not learnt the lesson yet. We still quarrel among ourselves on questions of local or regional interest. Unless we give up these petty quarrels and unite with one another, the sad history of the past may be repeated. 

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