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Dowry System

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Dowry System in India

Along with the caste system dowry system is widely practised but still criticized in India. It is acting upon our social life and has degraded womanhood in our country.

          Perhaps, like many other systems, it might have been started with a good intention; to help the newly-weds to start a new life. But unfortunately, of late, it has become a naked commercial transaction. In the case of affluent parents perhaps it does not matter so much when they willingly pay for a well established bridegroom. Dowry becomes a status symbol for them. 

      But in the case of middle and lower middle class families the dowry system has become a curse. For most of them are too poor to pay the price demanded for well-placed bridegrooms. Thousands of unfortunate girls of marriageable ages are unable to meet the dowry demanded, and so remain unmarried, causing tensions and creating socio-economic problems in the family first and then in the society; even leading to ruin of many families at times. Sometimes over aged sensitive spinsters, unable to bear the sight of worried family, feel dejected, unwanted, which finally lead them to commit suicide.

          Even after marriage wives are often tortured by their in-laws, the husbands remaining mute spectators, either to extract more dowry’s or for the failure on the part of the poor girl’s father to honour the commitment. We often read in newspapers that newly married girls are tortured and humiliated, before being burnt alive or deserted.

          There are people in our society who feel that there is nothing wrong in this system, as they feel that they have invested a lot to educate their sons. But they forget that the girl’s parents invest as much in the education of their daughter too. Bargaining on dowry is definitely a shameful act; still parents of bridegrooms don’t hesitate to demand sky-high prices for their wards.

          After the Second World War, black money and the dowry system have become joint friends and are helping each other. Parents of the bridegrooms do not hesitate to demand cash, gold ornaments, refrigerators, TV’s, cars and even residential flats as dowry. Foreign goods, luxury items, etc. are also the craze of the day.

          To eradicate this social evil, one cannot remain satisfied with mere laws and by-laws or enactment of some rules. Total change in the outlook of the society is the crying need at this moment. It is a social evil and we are to tackle it socially. Society must be free from this idea of disparity and false feudal values which do not recognize woman as the equal partner of man. Social and public boycott are two of the main weapons that may be used. 

        Additionally, strong legal measures should be taken against the erring parents who are indulging in this practice. Battles should be fought fiercely. Young men and woman must come forward to put an end to this disgraceful system.

          No doubt, the ball has started rolling; a new atmosphere is being created. Social organisations have become much vocal and are denouncing this cursed system. They are enlightening people of the evils of this system. Many young men and woman have taken oath not to accept or offer a penny as dowry. In general, people have become much more conscious. Let us all work together and put an end to this system.

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