To a younger brother, advising him to take regular physical exercise | write a letter to your younger brother advising him to take part in games and sports |



                                                                    P.O. Baihata.
                                                                   Dist. Kamrup.
                                                                   5 February, 2020                                                      
My dear Binod,

       Received your letter of the 29th January. The report you have given of your new school and your daily life is quite heartening, so far as it goes. But there is no mention in it of your physical activities. I hope you have not been neglecting them. You have read in your books that health is wealth and illness is a curse. The first thing necessary for sound health is regular physical exercise. It helps digestion, gives energy and thus keeps both the body and the mind fit. So you can go through your work – physical and mental, without feeling any strain. The brain cannot work if the body does not function properly. In fact, a sound brain can reside only in a sound body.  Moreover, what will book knowledge avail if you are broken in health and cannot exert yourself?

       You are quite young now. In the natural vigour of this age, you may not feel the consequences of neglecting physical exercise. But sooner or later the lesson will be brought home to you, and then you will have to regret for your present neglect.

       So you must take regular physical exercise. As to the kind of exercise that will suit you, consult your Physical Instructor and follow his directions.

       No more today. Hope you are all right.


Your affectionately,   

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