How to write a Letter? let's discuss about it. Letters of recommendation hold substantial weight in our admissions decisions. A well-written letter for an outstanding applicant can show impressive characteristics beyond their own self-advocacy.

Letter writing samples 

How to write an informal letter ?

Letter Writing

Letter may be divided into the classes:

1. Private or Personal letters:  Private or Personal letters are those that relate to personal matters concerning the writer and the addressee.

2. Business or Commercial letters: Business or Commercial letters are those that are written to or by businessmen for business purpose.

3. Official letters: Official Letters are those that are written to or by persons in their official capacity. They may be strictly officials.

4.  Social letters: Social letters are those that are written to invite persons to some ceremonial function, private or public.

5. Letter to the Press: Letter to the press that are written by members of the public to the editors of newspapers on matters of public interest.

The form of a letter may be best understood from the following example:
Parts of letter:-

A. Heading.
B. The Salutation or greeting.
C. Body of the letter.
D. Subscription.
E. Signature.
F. Superscription or Outside address.


RG Road,
10th January 2010




    My dear Rabin,


  Body of the letter
I have reached here safely. The compartment was rather empty and so I had quit a comfortable sleep all night.

        My school sits at 10 a.m. and I have to walk a long distance. I shall, therefore, stop here for the present.

        We are looking forward to meeting you next weekend.


                                                  Subscription Yours sincerely,

                                                        Signature             Ramesh



Mr. Rajkumar Bora,                         
C/o. Bijoy Bora,
P.O. Jalukbari
Dist. Kamrup, PIN-781380


   ←      Or,
    Outside address                                                                               

         From the example given above, it will be seen that a letter has six parts:

A. Heading or the writer’s address and the date. They are written at the top right-hand corner of the first page. The address comes first, and then, just below it, comes the date. The form is different in case of official letter.


         College Road
                           April, 30, 2000

B. Salutation: It forms the opening words of respect or affection, and is written below the Heading at the left-hand side of the letter. The form of salutation varies according to the degree of intimacy between the writer and the person address.

The forms of salutation are:

1. To relatives and very intimate friends:

My dear Son,                       My dear Ramen,
Dear Ramesh,
My dear Mother,                 My dear Raju, Dear Uncle,
My dear Father,                  My dear Brother,   
Dear Father,

2. To a less familiar friend:

Dear Mr. Sarma.
Dear Rahul Das.

3. To strangers and superiors:

Sir,                                              Madam,
Dear Sir,                                      Dear Madam,

4. To business firms:

Dear Sir, Dear Sirs, Gentlemen,

Sir- Is used in official letters, and in writing to strangers, whether superior of inferior to us in position. It is purely formal. In writing to a lady, we use Madam, whether married or single.

Dear Sir- Is less formal, and should be used to persons who, though not strangers, are not familiar to us. It is the usual form of address for a pupil to his teacher, a subordinate to his superior officer, tradesman to well-known customers, etc.

My dear Sir- Is used where the two parties are well-known to each other and where the writer is inferior to the addressee in social position or in any other respect.

C. The Body: It is the most important part of the letter. It may consist of a single paragraph or a series of paragraphs.



      I am glad to receive your letter.................................................

D. & E. Subscription and Signature: Subscription is the closing part of the letter, and consist of a formal greeting followed by the signature of the writer. 

The forms of Subscription must bear a close relation to the salutation. The forms are:-

1. To relatives and very intimate friends: Your affectionate son, or father, or friend, etc.; Yours affectionately, or Affectionately yours , Yours ever, or Ever yours, etc.

2. To friends: Your sincerely, or Sincerely yours, Yours very sincerely, or Very sincerely yours,

3. To superiors: Yours obediently, or Obediently yours,

4. To strangers and business firms: Yours faithfully, or Faithfully yours, Yours truly, or Truly yours.

F. Superscription or outside address:  It contains the name and address of the person to whom the letter is written, and is put on the envelope or the postcard. The name is written in the first line and the full postal address is given just below it. Sometimes the postal address is written a little towards the right below the name, thus:

Mr. Rajkumar Bora,                              
C/o. Bijoy Bora,
P.O. Jalukbari
Dist. Kamrup,

Some Common Errors in Letter Writing:


Dear sir

Dear sir (addressed to a firm)

Dear madam

Dear gentlemen

I have received your letter yesterday.

I have received yours

Please write me how are you.

Your’s Faithfully

Your truly/affectionately

Dear Sir

Dear Sirs

Dear Madam


I received your letter yesterday.

I have received your letter.

Please write to me how you are.

Yours faithfully

Yours truly/affectionately.



1. A boy writes to his Father for money.


          P.O. Marigaon
          20 April, 2020

     My Dear Father,

         I am doing quite well. We have got regular classes now. Mark-sheets of our annual        examination have been distributed to us. I am glad to inform you that I have got good marks in every paper. Now I have to purchase four books immediately for the new session. This will cost me about Rs.200.00. Please therefore send the amount by Money Order at an early date.

          Hope that you are all well. With regards to you and     mother,

                                                                                      Your Loving son
                                                                                      Anil Kumar Das


Sjt. Kabindra Nath Das.
Vill. Puthimari.
P.O. Kamalpur.
Dist. Kamrup, Assam

2. Reply of the above letter.

    P.O. Kamalpur
                              28 April, 2020

    Dear Anil,

I received your letter in time. I am happy to know that you have secured   good marks in all the subjects. I hope, from the beginning you will try to pass the Final Examination in the First Division. I am sending today Rs.200.00 by Money Order. You will receive the amount soon. Purchase all the books you require right now.

          We are all well at home. I hope you are all right. With love to you,

                                                                           Your affectionate Father

Shriman Anil Kumar Das.
Class –IX
Marigaon Govt. High School.
P.O. Marigaon
Dist- Marigaon

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