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Below is the example of application for a job that can be applied..

Application for employment 

The Secretary,
Jalukbari High School,
Jalukbari, Guwahati.


          In response to your advertisement in The Assam Tribune yesterday for an experienced graduate, strong in English and History, I would like to offer myself as a candidate.

          I passed Higher Secondary Examination (Arts) in the First Division in 2010 from Saraighat College, and took my B.A. degree in 2013 with Second Class Honours in English from Rangia college, Rangia. I Passed the M.A. Examination in 2015 with a High Second Class Honours in English from Gauhati University. In the Higher Secondary Examination, I obtained more than 80 p.c. marks in History.

          I have been the senior teacher of English and History of this school since 2015. The testimonials attached will give you an idea of my good service record.

          I am 30, and belong to a responsible family of Jalukbari. If selected, I may assure you that I will discharge my duties to your satisfaction.

                                                                                           Yours faithfully,
Jalukbari,                                                                                Kunal Das
21st May, 2020                                                                   Senior Teacher
                                                                                    Jalukbari High School,
                                                                                      Jalukbari, Guwahati.   

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