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                                                                          2 May, 2020

My dear Ramesh,

       I have just received your letter. You want to know my daily life. Well, here it is.

       I usually get up early in the morning and after washing my face, take some physical exercise. Then comes tea, after which I go on with my studies up to 9 a.m. At 9.30 I take my bath, my mother gets my meal ready. I take meal and get ready for school. I always reach school in time. In my class I am always attentive. I have a little rest before leaving for school. At school I listen attentively to what our teachers say. Whenever I find any difficulty I get it explained by the teachers concerned. The recess period sometimes takes me to the company of my friends in the school and sometimes to the school library to profit by the books and papers laid on the tables. I play indoor games too in the boy’s common room.

 Returning home in the afternoon, I take some refreshment and then go out to play. I play football, cricket, badminton, etc. according to season. At dusk, I return home, wash myself and sit down to study again. I study up to ten or so, and then go to bed after having my supper.

There are departures from this routine on holidays. The mornings and noon’s of these days are usually spent in reading library books and in meeting friends and relatives.

This, in short is my daily life. Hope this finds you quite well. With the best wishes,

                                                                  Yours sincerely,

Have A Great opportunity ahead !

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