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                                                                     P.O.  Puthimari
                                                                     5 June, 2020
My Dear Samir,

       Just received your letter of the  29th  May. You desire to know where and how I spent the last summer vacation. Well, here it is.
       I passed the entire vacation with my maternal aunt at her village Balisatra in the district of Kamrup. She is a widow with three sons, and they were all very glad to have me in their midst.

       My cousins and I generally went out early in the morning for a walk along the road. Returning home at 6, we had tea and breakfast, after which we devoted ourselves for about two hours to study. Then followed a family gathering in which we had all sorts of talk. For bath we went to the river near the village. After meals we had our midday nap for some time. In the afternoon we took part in village games and sports, and night saw us again with books.

       You will thus see how much I enjoyed my vacation. Indeed, the five weeks I was at Balisatra seemed like five days.

       Hope you are all right.
                                                                     Your friend

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