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write a letter to your friend about the benefits of reading newspaper every day.

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24 July, 2020      

My dear Amar,

Just received your letter. I am glad of your assurance to follow the instructions given in my last letter. In the present letter, I write on another thing, -the usefulness of reading newspapers regularly. 

In these days general knowledge forms an essential part of education and the newspaper is the best means for acquiring this knowledge. It keeps us abreast of the current events all over the world. Modern newspapers also contain articles on various subjects and are thus very useful guides to all-round knowledge. A man who does not read a newspaper regularly is like one shut up in a cloister. Ignorant of current topics, he cannot take part in talks and discussions in an enlightened society and seems like a fish out of water in it. Just consider how small he feels and what a poor impression he creates. 

But of one thing you should be very careful. Most newspapers are party papers. Naturally, therefore, the editorial comments are generally inclined towards the particular political parties they belong to. You should not be guided by these comments but should keep an open mind and form your own independent opinion on the problems discussed.

No more today. Hoping this finds you all right.

Your's affectionately,

Write a letter to your brother advising him to read newspapers regularly, stressing upon him the necessity of doing so.

Rangia, Assam

Dear Shaheed,

      Thank you for your letter. I am happy to know that you have been progressing well in your studies. By the way, I would like to advise you to read the newspapers regularly. You will be highly benefited once you can cultivate the habit. Man is affected by the happenings all around him. The newspaper brings all sorts of news. A good newspaper publishes the news and the views of the world. Besides, the news reports, the editorial in a standard newspapers acts as a kind of a leader. Newspapers publish all sorts of news. It publishes the activities of the government. For the politicians and the political parties, the newspapers act as the best platform. Though the radio and the television broadcast news they cannot replace newspapers. 

A newspaper publishes news on trade and commerce, games and sports, and all sorts of major and minor incidents. A regular reader gets so much addicted to his favourite newspapers that without them he finds the day dull and boring.


I hope you will try to read more and more newspapers gradually.

Yours truly    

Selim Ahmed 

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