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Write an essay on Your daily routine Or essay on My Daily Life

Your daily routine Or My Daily Life

    I have always lived at home with my parents. So my routine of life has not been very different from that of other middle-class Assamese boys. 

     I get up at five o’clock in the morning. I then go out to a small field nearby for some physical exercise. Returning home after about half an hour I come back with my body and mind refreshed.  I wash my face and cleanse my mouth and teeth. Then comes tea with breakfast which varies from time to time. My study hours are from 6.30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Nothing is generally allowed to disturb me during this period. Then I spend about half an hour with my younger brothers and sister sharing in their talks and games. At 9.30 I take my bath, my mother gets my meal ready. I take meal and get ready for school. I always reach school in time. In my class I am always attentive. 

     Our school begins at 11 a.m. and breaks up at 4 p.m. with half an hour’s recess after forth period. At school I listen attentively to what our teachers say. Whenever I find any  difficulty I get it explained by the teachers concerned. I also sincerely try to satisfy my teachers by my conduct. The recess period sometimes takes me to the company of my friends in the school and sometimes to the school library to profit by the books and papers laid on the tables. I play indoor games too in the boy’s common room.

      After the school hours I come home direct. At home, I wash my hands and face and have a good tiffin and a rest for some time. After rest I do a thing or two to help my family. Then I go to the playground to take part in games. There is a village library at our village. Sometimes I go there and read some useful books. At times I meet my friends and walk along river-side.

     At nightfall I return home, wash my body and after few minute’s rest then I sit at my lessons for the next day. Sometimes father helps me in my study. This continues till about 10 p.m. with a break of half an hour for supper. After half an hour  I go to bed. Sometimes I sit before the television in case there are some educational programmes.

    There is a slight diversion in my daily routine on Sundays. In the morning I do a lot household work. I wash my clothes and cleanse my study room. After lunch I enjoy some television programme and listen to the radio. On some Sundays I visit the house of my friends and relatives. One some Sundays I work in our orchard. 

   My parents keep a watchful eye on my conduct and progress at school. This is what has enabled me to stick to the above routine and win the good opinion of my teachers. I hope I shall continue to enjoy this all my student life.

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