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Your Aim in Life
 My Aim in Life

Introduction :-  

Every man should have an aim in life. A life without an aim is meaningless. It is like a sails or oars. To do a certain thing, plans and programme is a pre-condition. There is a proverb that a man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. A rudderless ship drifts on at the mercy of the wind and waves. Even if it does not sink, it cannot reach the goal. Similarly a man without a definite aim cannot succeed in life. As he cannot fix his mind on any particular thing, he simply wastes his time and energy in trying one thing after another in a half-hearted way. So it is necessary for every man to have a definite aim in life.

My Aim :- 

Now I am a student. I have already chosen my aim of life. For myself, I have decided to go in for the education line. I propose to be a school teacher— teacher of a secondary school. 

Reason :- 

Perhaps many will wonder. From the financial viewpoint the lot of secondary school teachers in our State is the most miserable among the educated. If I still choose it as my future profession it may give rise to a responsible doubt about my mental balance. But I am quite serious and sincere. My father was a renowned Headmaster. I  had the good fortune of receiving my early education under him. His inspiring example has taught me that nothing can be nobler than to build up the character of the future hopefuls of the country. 

    The young boys and girls of our secondary schools are in the most formative periods of their lives. The shape they are given then makes or mars their whole future as well as the future of the country they belong to. Colleges do not allow opportunities for this direct influence. That is why education at the secondary stage is the most important period in the life of everybody and every nation. My ambition is to play my humble part in this important work. I have idealism and firm faith in my ability to inspire. 

Conclusion :- 

I shall try my best to realise my aim. May God help me that I may serve the people of my locality. My mother has given her sincere blessing to my resolve.

       I am sure her blessing and my father’s example will keep me firm in my purpose and help me to achieve my ambition.

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