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“A stitch in time saves nine”- goes the proverb. It means that everybody should do his duty at the right moment. If we remain idle we shall get nothing. Punctuality means keeping to the appointed or fixed hour. Nothing can stop the flow of time or call back a time that is past. So it is a most valuable things. I order that no portion of this priceless things may be wasted, people fix definite hours for definite works. The more we keep to these hours, the more can we use our time. In fact, a punctual man, however busy or engaged, finds time for more work still. An unpunctual man, on the other hand, far from doing much, cannot finish his normal duties even. So he incurs the displeasure of everybody and fails in life.

A punctual man gets enough time to do his work. He can do his work according to his plan. He never faces any difficulty and is never responsible for causing inconvenience to others. He can command respect and admiration from others. A punctual man can do work much more than a person lacking in this habit.

Punctuality is essential for men in every walk of life. Let us take a few examples. For students it is very important. It is a blessing to them. A punctual student comes to school in time. He knows when the school begins. He can take his seat in the front bench. An unpunctual  student comes late and always becomes a back bencher. He  misses a part of the lesson that day and also causes disturbance to others. His life becomes miserable.

An unpunctual officer upsets the day’s programme not only of his own self, but also of those who have dealings with him. In the military fields delay by a few minutes may result in the loss of an empire and change in the destiny of a nation. 

History shows us that punctuality won victory. Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo simply because a Marshal of his was a few minutes too late to come to his chief’s side, and Waterloo decided the fate of Europe for many years. 

There is another aspect of the matter. Want a punctuality reveals want of culture and is discourteous to the person we fail. If I have an engagement with a high person, I shall certainly appear before him at the appointed time at any cost. This is because I have a high regard for him. But when I fail to observe this punctuality with another person, it means that I do not regard him as important enough or do not care for what he may feel. This is a slight to him. That is why unpunctuality produces such a bad impression on the minds of others.

In public life also punctuality is essential. Even in private life. Punctuality must be maintained. We find that very often in our public meetings, the presidents, appointed speakers come late. This is quite discouraging.  An unpunctual man often misses the bus, misses the train. It is a blessing of science that the invention of clock and watch help us to be punctual.

The habit of punctuality is almost natural with the western people, but we are rather careless about it. We still find public or private engagements beginning work much behind the appointed time. This has to be remedied if we are to keep pace with the modern world.Punctuality is a key to success for everyone. Punctuality provides the students various great golden opportunities to do much better in life. A punctual person always gets success in the life and he always respect his time.

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