To the principal of your college requesting him to purchase some essential reference books for the library. | How do I write a letter for requesting to college library to buy couple of books?

The Principal,
Rangia College


     You may be aware that the roll strength of our college has marked a twofold increase during the last five years, but the collection of library books has remained almost the same during this period. Most of the books are in tatters because of over-use and mishandling. Many important reference books are also not available. Very often we have to wait indefinitely for our turn as there is just one copy. Recently, some very good books on different subjects have come out. The existing stock of reference books is much too inadequate to the growing needs of the students. A good library, needless to say, is very useful to the students and teacher alike.

We, therefore, appeal to you to purchase some good reference books for the library. We trust this will receive your immediate attention. 

     Your faithfully
4th, January,2020

   Bipin Chandra Deka

 and 40 other students 
  of class-XI & XII                  


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