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Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi.

Born :

    The first Chief Minister of independent Assam was Gopinath Bordoloi , born at Guwahati in 1891.

His Family :

     His father late Budheswar Bordoloi was a famous physician. 

    He lost his mother in his childhood. He grew up under his loving widowed sister. 

Education :

  He got himself admitted to Cotton collegiate School at Guwahati.

    In the year 1907, he passed Entrance Examination of the Calcutta University. In 1909 he passed Intermediate Examination from Cotton College. He then joined Scottish Church’s College in Calcutta and graduated in 1911 with honours in history. 

    In that moment his father Budheswar Bordoloi demised and he joined as Headmaster at Sonaram H.E. School. He passed M.A. in 1914 and got B.L. degree in the year 1915. In 1919 he married Srimati Surabala Devi.

His Contribution towards independent India :

     In the year 1921 he joined in the Non-cooperation Movement, under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. He joined the Calcutta Congress and Nagpur Congress. He was arrested and kept in jail. He again joined Ahmedabad Congress and was kept in prison by the British Govt. on his way home. 

    He became the Chairman of Guwahati Municipality in 1934. In 1937 he was elected to Assam Assembly and became the leader. When Sadullah Ministry fall in 1938 - the then president of Congress Subhas Chandra Bose arranged formation of a Congress Coalition Ministry in Assam. 

       Bordoloi became the premier of Assam. After 13 months he again got elected to Assam Assembly. He fought to save Assam from the clutches of the Muslim League.

Political Life :

    The first Chief Minister of independent Assam was Gopinath Bordoloi who witnessed the foundations laid of Gauhati University (1948), Gauhati High Court (1948) and Guwahati station of All India Radio (AIR). 

       When Gopinath Bordoloi passed away in 1950, Bishnu Ram Medhi took over as the next Chief Minister of Assam. During his tenure from 1950 to 1957, the First Five-Year Plan was started, Panchayat system of governance was introduced and the agricultural sector got more importance.

Death :

   His honesty, sincerity and progressive outlook made him a popular statement. He was loved by one and all and he stood always for justice to all. All of a sudden this popular statesman passed away on 5th August 1950. 

  In remembrance of his uncommon popularity the people of Assam gave him the title “Lokpriya” a darling of people.

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