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Your First day at School

Many years have passed since I was first put to school. Still the memory of the first day is quite fresh in my mind.

My father took me to the Headmaster who directed me to my class. It was class IV  to which I had been admitted the previous day. There were twenty-five boys in all, most of whom were about my age. School had not begun yet; so the room was full of talks. 

No sooner did I take a seat than a number of boys gathered around, making enquiries about me. I was a little nervous at first; but when I found that there was no malice in them. I began to feel quite at ease. One of them seemed to like me and seated me beside him. Later we became best friends, and this friendship has lasted all these years of our school life. 

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Soon after, the bell rang and a teacher entered the class. We all stood up and saluted him. He accepted the salute with a sweet smile and bade up sit down. As his eyes fell on me, he came up and asked me my name. His gentle tone put me at ease and I answered him freely and modestly. 

With a few words of cheer to me he took up the day’s lesson. The manner in which he explained his subject made the lesson clear to all. The other teachers too who came that day made almost the same impression on me. 

One of them asked me to the board and made me write a few words dictated by him. When he found my spellings all correct, he was much pleased and patted me on the back.

During the tiffin period I watched for some time the boys playing in the school compound. Then I joined a game of hide-and-seek with a few of my classmates.

There were two periods of classwork after that. My experience during this time was almost the same as during the early hours.

When the class was dismissed, I returned home with all my early fears gone. Instead, I felt an urge to win the love of my teachers and classmates in every possible way.

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