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The student life is said to be the seed-time of life.

Student Life

Introduction :

      Student life is the most important period of a man’s life. It is the high time of receiving educational and training for future life. Students are future men and women of our country. Future of the life of a person depends mainly on proper education and training in student life. 

       The student life is said to be the seed-time of life. If we want good crops, the seeds have to be sown at the proper time.  Similarly, the student life is the time to prepare oneself for the future. At this stage the mind is in a fluid state and can be moulded into any shape or desire. 

We should try our best to cultivate good habits. In students life, intelligence remains imperfect, power of understanding is weak. They cannot judge what is good and what is bad. So the good guidance of the elders, parents and teachers are essential. This is why the student life is the most important part of a man’s life and so much care is taken about giving proper education to students. 

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Write an Essay on Student Life.Essay for Class 5 to 10.  600+Words Essay.

     The first and foremost duty of a student is study. Students should study hard and prepare their lessons. They must be regular and punctual. They must respect their seniors and teachers. They should take care of their health. Health is wealth. They must try to do good to others. Students should help the poor. They should love them and serve them.

The education should comprise not only book-learning but also proper training of the mind and heart, and building up of character. There are a few general principles to be followed to produce the desired results.

The first thing necessary is to fix upon a noble aim. Students should bear in mind that man is born with the spirit of God in him. So it is his duty to be true to this Divine spirit, to live and die noble. The most important thing for this is character— “the crown and glory of life’. To build it up students should live a strictly disciplined life and never indulge in wicked thoughts.

The next thing in importance is acquisition of knowledge, which is the secret of success. Students should study hard to acquire as much knowledge as possible; otherwise they will feel quite helpless in the struggle of life.

In olden times a pupil usually lived in the house of his teacher. The strict discipline of this life, away from all evil influences helped his all-round training. But the majority of students now live in society, bound up with the complex forces of the modern world. They have therefore, to be more alert than their predecessors. They have to serve not only themselves but also their society and country and for this they must acquire knowledge, and develop a generous spirit and general goodness of heart. In this way alone will they be true to themselves.

Conclusion :

Students are the future hopes of a country. They are the men and women of the days to come. They will lead the nation and guide its destiny. They should not be the burden on the parents and the nation. 

But they must not dabble in active politics which is responsible for most of the ills of them nowadays. The student life is the time of preparation for struggle ahed—not the time for actual struggle. There is a saying that— money is lost ; something lost, character is lost ; everything lost. So student must be strong. 

A student who follows these general principle is sure to make his mark in life.

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