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Student and Politics

Introduction : 

   Man is an intelligent being. From the earliest stage of civilisation, ideas and thoughts of politics grew in man’s mind. Now-a-days, many student are found participating in politics.

The Primary Duties of Students :

     The student life is the most important period of man’s life. The training a student receives, the habits and qualities he acquires, determine the kind of life he will live in future. If he acquires knowledge and the virtue of strength of mind and character, he is sure to prosper in the world. If, on the contrary, he neglects these primary duties by indulging in undesirable activities, he will surly go to the wall.  

Meaning of politics : 

     Politics means active participation in political in political activities. Politics is different from the regular subject of studies-that is political science. Politics here means taking part in political affair of a country. It may mean taking out processions, organising political meetings, shouting political field against the British rulers. In Russia, Hungary and some other countries too, students took part in political movement for freedom of their countries. Now-a-days student of every country are taking part in politics directly or indirectly.

The latter often a dirty game and hence injurious :

No doubt students, particularly college students, should acquire an accurate knowledge of political matters and from sound views on them. For this they should be encouraged to discuss political question freely in the college among themselves and with their teachers and eminent public men of sound views. But when it comes to active participation in what is called political agitation, we must draw the line. 

           Active politics is often a dirty game full of passion and excitement and party feelings. Students are of immature judgement and emotional by nature. So once they get themselves involved in this passion and excitement, they become almost slaves to them like a person addicted to a strong liquor. They allow their opinions, even on academic matters, to be influenced by party considerations. They think nothing of being used as agents and tools in the hands of political parties. 

Advantage :

    Participation in politics has some advantages to students. A student taking part in politics develops some qualities. He learns the art of speaking in public. He acquires the qualities to be a future leader. He is well-informed of the political affairs of the country. It a student takes part in politics, his personality is developed. He acquires the organising capacity. He learns to be a practical man.

Disadvantage :

       It has a bad side too. It is a loss to students. Students waste their valuable time in taking part in politics. Sometimes it leads to indiscipline among students. In many occasions students become easy victim to professional politician. Because of their immature judgment, sometimes they are led to reactionary political warfare. Active participation of students in politics costs lives of students. These are some of the evils.

         Moreover, politics, as distinguished from party politics, is a novel and complex art. It cannot but be lost in dignity if students of imperfect knowledge and immature judgement try to dominate it.

Role of Political Leader :

         Student life is the best part of life. Their main business is study. Students having political trend of mind, should prepare themselves in school and colleges to be politician.

        We complain of indiscipline and lowering of intellectual and moral standard among our students. These are to some extent due to their political obsession. But the most regrettable part of the affair is the role played by our political leaders in this dirty game. If only they keep aloof from students, the situation will take a turn for the better and students will go back to their normal duties. 

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