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Science in everyday Life


We now live in an age of Science has so many blessing to us. It has made our lives easy and comfortable. It adds much to the joys of our lives.

     At first, the man was a little better than an animal. But now he has become the lord of creation. There is no doubt that science is at the root of this progress. This will be clear to us if we consider the place of science in our daily life. 

Gift of Science :-

Science has given us so many blessings. The first thing we take early in the morning is tea, and it is science that has given us this exhilarating drink. The daily paper that we take up then to satisfy our hunger for information is also a product of science. The items of news are not only gathered daily from all over the world but also printed on a mass scale through different scientific processes such as telegraphs, radios, printing presses, etc. The paper on which give us the power of knowledge. 

       Then come meals, most of the materials of which are made available to us through trains and ships and buses. The clothes we were, waterproofs that protect us from rain, shoes that protect our feet are all manufactured by machines invented by the power of science. Different people then go to their works by different means—by buses or cars or trains or cycles— all of which are the blessings of science

        On return home, some relax themselves at show houses, some at radios or at TVs.  Besides, there are electric lights, fans, cookers, refrigerators in many houses to make home life enjoyable and comfortable. The letter may be typed in the typewriter. A calculator is used to calculate figures.    Clothes may be washed easily in washing machines. Food items may be kept for hours in a Refrigerator. These are also the blessings of Science.

       In this way, modern man depends on various scientific inventions.  In the rich countries of the West, there are many other labor-saving small machinery in almost every house. The latest miracles are the computer and cell phones which set up global network connection just by clicking of buttons.

       Science has greatly improved our health. We have good medicines for many diseases which were so fatal only a few years back. Modern surgery also has been working wonders in the surgical field. Scientists have succeeded in sending up artificial satellites and have already landed on the Moon and expect to reach Mars within a short time. Science has given us improved methods of transport and communication. Formerly there were only bullock carts and boats. Now we have railways, steamships, motor cars, airplanes, etc. These have enabled us to travel even to the farthest end of the world within a very short time in comfort and safety. Science has given us the printed book which is our main source of knowledge. The telegraph, the telephone, the radio, and TV have made communication quick and safe. The latest addition to this list is a computer. It has changed the world.     


Conclusion :-

We cannot think of a moment’s living without science. It makes life easy. Science has done many wonders for us.

       But great as has been the achievements of science, it has its dark side too. By making too many of machines we becoming machines ourselves, and run the risk of losing our soul. To save ourselves from that evil fact, we should not allow science to get mastery over us but should use it only as a servant.

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