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Drug addiction Or Drug menace

Of late, the growing addiction to drugs is the greatest concern to mankind. The parents everywhere are anxious, the sociologist are working overtime, the governments have posted special checks at international airports and docks to stop the smuggling of drugs in. In fact, it is feared that if no strong measures are undertaken immediately to face the problem boldly and systematically, it may be very late or even impossible to save a section of our youths from this death-trap.

       Taking drugs of mild nature like opium, ganja, etc. is not new in India. But this narcotic addiction took a serious true with the flooding of LSD (Lysergic acid diethyl amide, also known as acid, is a hallucinogenic drug) during the early parts of the sixties. And before the governments and sociologist could understand what was going to happen, still more dangerous and lethal drugs like marijuna, heroin, brown sugar flooded the market. Big international drug racketeers have recently manufactured thousand times more effective drug, plastic coated heroin. It is said to cut down the longevity of the addicts by twenty-five per cent. Special syringes are being manufactured to inject these into the bodies of the addicts. 

  Sociologist think that main reason of taking these drugs is frustration. It may be true to some extent. The youths in general these days do not see much light for their future. A sense of frustration grows in them. They want to escape from the realities of life too. Drugs help them to forget their problems. But once they taste it, they find it next to impossible to come out of this dangerous habit. Parental neglect, loneliness and often pressure from friends may also lead to drug addiction. There are drug peddler who pose as vendors and lace foodstuffs with drugs. Thus many people become addicted to it without even being aware of it.

       Drug smuggling now is a multibillion dollar business all over the world. The fabulous price of heroin in international market tempts the underworld agents in different parts of the world to risk even their necks. In certain countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, etc. the peddler and the addicts are very often sentenced to death. But the criminals behind the racket remain Scott free as the tentacles of the drug agents and tycoon have reached almost all the countries of the world.

         Drug addiction menace has been ruining the lives of thousands of youths and bringing misery and destruction to hundreds of helpless families. Co-ordinated and all out measures should be taken by different nations to curb this great menace. Drug peddler should be heavily punished. Enough fund should be donated by different world bodies to start an all out war against the international racketeers.

        Arrangements should be made for proper treatment of the addicts with a view to rehabilitating them in society and create in them a sense of self confidence for living a meaningful life.

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