There should be an Anchalik Panchayat for each Development Block. It would not comprise any area of urban local body or sanitary board or a notified area constituted under any law. Every Anchlik Panchayat shall be a corporate body. 


 Every Anchalik Panchayat shall consist of :-

  • One member from each Gaon Panchayat to be directly elected from the territorial constituencies of the Gaon Panchayats under the jurisdiction of the Anchalik Panchayat.

  • The president of the Gaon Panchayats falling within the jurisdiction of Anchalik Panchayat.

  • Members of Lok Sabha and State legislature which comprise wholly or partly, in the Anchalik Panchayat aria.  

       Seats shall be reserved in an Anchalik Panchayat for the SC and ST in proportion to their population to  the entire population of the Anchalik Panchayat. 

        The Act also provides that not less than one-third of total number of such offices should be filled in by women. It also says that, one-third of the total seats allotted for SC/ST, shall be reserved for their women population.

Staffs of Anchalik Panchayat

   An Anchalik Panchayat which is coterminous to a Development Block have an Executive Officer appointed by  the Government. He will be ex. Officio Secretary. The Government may post/depute Grade-I and II staffs to serve under the Anchalik Panchayat. 

    The executive officer exercises control over all works of Anchalik Panchayat. He lays down the duties of the officers or under officials. He takes necessary action for the speedy execution of developmental projects of Anchalik Panchayat.

     He is the custodian of all papers, documents regarding the proceeding of meetings of Anchalik Panchayat. He has the power to disburse and draw money from Anchalik Panchayat Fund. 

Duration : 

An Anchalik Panchayat is elected for a period of 5 years. If it is dissolved, new Anchalik Panchayat has to be elected within six months of dissolution. Any member of Anchalik Panchayat may resign from his post by writing under his own hand addressed to the President or Vice-President of Anchalik Panchayat.

The President and Vice-President : 

The directly elected members of Anchalik Panchayat shall elect from among the members, one President and one Vice-President in a meeting convened by the President over by Deputy Commissioner. Regarding the reservation of seats, the Act provides that, not less than one-third of the total number of such offices should be filled in by women. It also says that, seats should be reserved for SC and ST in the same proportion as their number of population of the total population. 

      The president shall convince, preside over and conduct meetings in Anchalik Panchayat. He should discharge all power, duties conferred on him by Act. In the absence of President , the Vice-President performs these duties.

    The President and Vice-President are elected for the term of 5 years. He can be removed from the office by passing no-confidence motion with one-third members of total members of Anchalik Panchayat, against the President and Vice-President .Such a meeting will be presided over by the President, if the motion is against Vice-President or by the President ,if the motion is against the President. 

       The President or the Vice-President may resign from the post by writing under his hand addressed to the President or the Deputy Commissioner, as the case may be.

        Anchalik Panchayat will meet at least once in two months for the transaction of business. Each meeting should take place in the headquarter of Anchalik Panchayat. The president may convince a special meeting upon the written request of not less than one-third of the total members and before the fifteen days of proposed meeting. 

      Every member shall have the right to vote whether or not chosen by direct election. The Anchalik Panchayat may require the presence of a government officer in the meeting.

Functions : 

      The functions of Anchalik Panchayat may be described as following:-

1. General Function : 

     The Anchalik Panchayat is responsible for the preparation of annual plan in respect of the schemes assigned to it by Government of Zilla Parisad; consolidation of the annual plans of all Gaon Panchayats under its jurisdiction, prepration of annual budget of the Anchalik Panchayat and submission to Zilla Parisad for its approval; performing and executing the functions that are entrusted to it by Government or Zilla Parisad ; assisting the Government in relief operations in case of natural calamities. 

2. Land improvement and soil conservation : 

    To assist the Government and Zilla Parisad to implement the land improvement and soil conservation programmes of the government.

3. Public Distribution System : 

       Promotion of distribution of essential commodities through fair price shop. Panchayats should keep a close eye on the distribution of essential commodities, protection of consumer right etc. 

4. Education : 

     Promotion of primary and secondary education; construction, repairs and maintenance of primary school building; promotion of social education; promotion of rural artisan and vocational training; implementation of adult literacy programmes; promotion of library. 

5. Cultural Activities : 

    Promotion of social and cultural activities; regulation of markets, meals, festals. 

6. Drinking Water : 

      To establish, repair and maintain rural water supply schemes; to prevent and control water pollution; to implement rural sanitation schemes.

7. Health and family welfare : 

       Promotion of health and family welfare programmes; Promotion of immunisation programme; Promotion of programmes relating to development of women and children & child development programme. 

8. Poverty alleviation Programmes : 

     Planning and supervision of poverty alleviation programmes and guiding thereof. 

9. Public Distribution System : 

    Promotion of distribution of essential commodities through fair price shops. Panchayat should keep a close eye on the distribution of essential commodities, protection of consumer right etc.

10. Social welfare including welfare of handicapped and mentally retarded : 

     Implementation of social welfare programmes; monitoring old age and widow pension schemes; promotion of welfare of SC and ST and other weaker section .  

     Other important functions of Anchalik Panchayat are implementation of rural schemes; construction and maintenance of public roads, drains, culverts etc; development of non-conventional energy sources; rural electrification etc. 

Standing Committee : 

For proper functioning of Anchalik Panchayat following committees will be there :-  

a. General Standing Committee : 

       The President of Anchalik Panchayat shall be the Chairman of this committee. Number of members of this committee should not exceed six. It is concerned with establishment, communication, building, rural housing, relief against natural calamities etc.

b. Finance, Audit and Planing Committee : 

      It deals with the finance, budget, scrutinising the proposals to increase the revenue, examination of receipts and expenditure statement, consolidation of all proposal affecting the Finance of  Anchalik Panchayat and general supervision function . 

c. The Social Justice Committee : 

      The executive officer of Anchalik Panchayat is the ex-officio Chairman of this Committee. It performs the functions relating to promotion of educational, economic, social, cultural and other interests of the SC/ST and OBC, to protect them from social injustice and all forms of exploitation; securing social justice to the SC/ST, woman and weaker sections of society. 

Sources of Revenues : 

       An Anchalik Panchayat has the power to acquire, hold and dispose property or to enter into contract with the permission of Government through the Zilla Parisad. 
For every Anchalik Panchayat, there shall be an Anchalik Panchayat Fund. 

   It will contain :-

a. Contribution and grants made by the Central and State Government.

b. Loans granted by the Central or State Government or raised by the Anchalik Panchayat on security of its assets. 

c. All fines, penalties imposed by the Anchalik Panchayat.

d. All sums received as gift or contribution and an income from any trust or Government made in favour of the Anchalik Panchayat.

e. Contribution and grants made by Zilla Parisad or any other local authority. 

      The Anchalik Panchayat may collect taxes from toll-bar established by it, ferry, land revenue, water rate for recovery of minor irrigation works; tax on water supply and lighting; profession, trade, manufacture , production, cinema halls, saw mills, timber depots, rice mills, bakery, fairs etc.

        An Anchalik panchayat may borrow money from the Government or with the previous sanction of the Government, from Bank or any other financial institution for any specific scheme.

Budget : 

      Every year, the Anchalik Panchayat should prepare a budget containing estimated incomes and expenditures for the following year and submit it to Zilla Parisad. The Zilla Parisad may pass it or may return it with minor modifications within the stipulated period. No expenditure can be incurred unless the budget is approval by Zilla Parisad.

Audit : 

     The accounts which will be kept by Anchalik Panchayat shall be audited by an authority prescribed by the Government. A copy of Audit report should be forwarded to Zilla Parisad and to the Directorate of Panchayat and Rural Development, Assam, within one month of the completion of audit. 

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