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Introduction :

Discipline is the habit of acting properly. The exact word derives from the word ‘disciple’ - which means a learner. So Discipline means obedience to the established rules of conduct. In every walk of life man has to obey certain rules. This respect for and obedience to rule is called discipline.

Importance in life :

Discipline plays an important part in our life. Man is a social being. He cannot live alone. In a society the people must look to the interest of each others. Every society has certain rules to control and regulate the life and activity of its members in order that the society as a whole may progress in harmony and peace. If any of these rules is broken, there is trouble and the society suffers. Hence arises the need of discipline. This may sometimes appear to interfere with a man’s freedom. But that is inevitable in social life.

Value at home :

In fact, discipline is the very basis of progress in every sphere, public or private. In the family, peace and happiness reign when the younger members obey their elders and everybody observes the established rules. If the members submit to no authority and do what they like, the family becomes a den of discord and unhappiness.

Value at school :

Discipline in schools and colleges requires the regular preparation of lessons and learning correct behaviour in society. It is the duty of every student to observe them if he is to build up his character and prosper in life. The greater the discipline in a school or college, the higher is the respect it commands, and the better does it fulfil its object of training young minds.

Army :

The importance of discipline among soldier’s  is  known to all. Every soldier has to carry out the orders of his commander without any argument. Failure to do this is liable to be punished even by death. Indiscipline army is defeated in the battlefield. A discipline army is a strength to a country.

Games :

In the playground too, the pleasure that a game gives to players as well as to spectators depends a great deal upon the observation of discipline by them. If the rules of the game are broken and the orders of the captain and the referee are not respected, the game becomes a disgraceful affair.

Conclusion :

It seems discipline takes away individual liberty. Some take licence for freedom, but sensible men know that they are quite different. In fact, the freer a nation is, the greater is its respect for rules and authority. Discipline is the root of success. A nan who wants to be successful in life must be discipline first. It has also to be remembered that those who are not discipline themselves cannot expect obedience from others when they themselves are put in power. As everybody hopes to rise to power, this should teach all to submit discipline in their own lives.

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